Never Give In

  October 17th, 2011 by Rose Charlotte

(Not using my real name)

I am a girl who always thinks that I am ugly, never noticed, or even talked about. Drama happens about me weather starting a nasty rumour about me or just plain mean. I wish one day I’ll out shine the mean girls, now I’m where I am, I’m a surfing queen and famous for my surfing. I have faith and once I got a job, I was thrilled it was modeling, I now have a long life career ahead of me and hope that one day all you guys have a career ahead of you as well. EVERYONE loves you. Don’t let the kids who bully you bring you down, know that more people love you then hate you. What if your kid commited suicide, wouldn’t you be terrified and scared and sad that your child didn’t talk to you? Nothing is worse killing yourself, Letters to a Bullied girl is a true book that inspired MANY to read. I can’t make a difference in EVERY single child, but I hope one day, I will make a change in someone’s life by giving them hope, passion, strength, and glory!

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