October 13th, 2011 by DontWantThis

it’s soon friday.. the last party ever! Iam now like taking stuff down from my walls and stuff so my mom wont have to do this. (of those of you that dont know, I really just planed the perfect suicide plan) I just cant take life anymore. Im tired of being derpessed and sad all the fucking time! so i though about saturday, but Im gonna stay at my friend house this weekend so i guess I gonna do it sunday. Wow, im really doing it. This actually feels a little like I no longer got worries, and I do everything I want. but its kinda sad.. cause i gonna feel bad for my friends.. and I once counted on how many days there were left and my mom was like”What’s happening on saturday?” And I was just smiling I they though I maybe were going out whit a boy or something.. but they dont know ANYTHING, yet.. I think they gonna know! wow, i am a bad person. I hate to hurt the other, but I really cant stand this life, i for once only think whats best for ME and only ME.. even though i hurt them others.. i dont like that, but i know they dont care as much as they pretend to.. so idk.. LIFE SUCK. but my is soon gonna end. sorry about that

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