suicide a love story

  October 31st, 2011 by idgaf44

Why do we see suicide as so bad and so awful. I personally believe that it’s one of the most beautiful acts of self love that exists on this planet. We applaud those that risk their lives for others, people who stand in front of a bullet for a loved one or people that put themselves in harms way to protect others. I applaud anyone that risks their lives for others, but I also appplaud those that risk their lives for themselves. People might think that people who kill themselves hate themselves and have no love for themselves, but it’s just the opposite. They cannot stand to see themselves suffering anymore. They give their life for themselves and in doing this they also help others to question their own beliefs about mortality, love, and God. In this way you are assisting God proclaim the truth. Is God everlasting? I say yes. Are we as souls everlasting? I say yes. Then if our mortal bodies die, who dies? Nobody dies because you are like God and cannot die, but you pass on to another world, another life where you are loved eternally. You are loved eternally when you are alive and also when you are dead, although there is no such thing as death because your true identity as a soul does not die. So let us live in this knowledge on earth because life, love, and consciousness is really all there is. The soul never dies and the soul always loves. Your soul wants what’s best for you, and if it’s to leave this “world” that exists as a false system based on the belief of death, then you leave the lie to embrace the truth of your existence, which is eternal and always loved. If you want to know the truth, then do not look at things that pass away, look at what remains, and you will find that the truth of who you are is love itself which is always present and never suffering. Love has no needs, is not subject to time, and is not subject to man’s interpretation of right and wrong. Love sees and knows you as perfect and only wants you to experience the truth of who you are which is expansive, creative, and free. You are not your mortal bodies, you are much much more. We can only hope that the world will wake up to this ultimate truth but until then, suffering and pain will continue to torment us. Why would God be upset that you decided to leave? If anything I believe that God would be upset that you stayed for it is not his will that anyone should suffer but instead it is his will that you realize your freedom and experience his love.

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