The hope for real help.

  October 28th, 2011 by Dimatodima

Good time of day! My first post did not bring results. I’m not sure that helium help me to die. To purchase two helium tanks, I need to collect money half a year, denying themselves all over. I would really like understand the scientific basis of the method with helium. And in this post I will try to ask for help. The dramatic changes in life will help me positively exist in the future. I live in Belarus. At the moment I’m studying at the Faculty of Biology 2 course. Biology, my passion for a long time and has had some success. More than anything I interested in bioinformatics, molecular biology and genetics. But, unfortunately, extremely difficult to given by me mathematics and languages. I have a quiet, calm nature. Pleasing appearance. And I’m quite single-minded people. But the problem with the study of foreign languages, as well as unrequited love will not let me live a normal life. I would really like to go to another country where I can forget about the old problems and devote his time to study and work. I understand that it takes a lot of effort. And I’m ready for it. I hope this site has people who can help me or let you know someone who can help me. I hope that my sexual orientation is not a hindrance. (I’m gay). This is the last chance to change lives. I want to believe that suicide is an extreme measure.

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