Towards Anti-social~

  October 25th, 2011 by outcesticide

I dislike this Kid!He mocks suicide and acts as if its just a thing.He said “I hate myself and nobody cares if I die.Suicide isn’t a option anymore.Im not good.I Hate This Place.”I asked him if he was ok and that id do anything to help him.His response “Oh that Haha I just wanted to see peoples reactions.I would never kill myself.Do I look like a loser?Haha only retards kill themselves”A Moment of Silence Please…….FUDGE YOU MAN!I saw past your “I’m to worthy”attitude and reached out to help you.All you could do is mock my dream.I will soon be a “Retard and Loser”.Such a honor.Only this time I’m leaving Names.<3 -My Death is Your Life.

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