Another Hell

  November 3rd, 2011 by Libby

Waking up in the morning almost seams worse then dying. Knowing that i have to go out and put on a completely fake smile and act all happy for everyone. i have to walk around and pretend like i want to be here. When people look at me they wont even know my thoughts of death, they wont know about the 20 or so cuts on my leg burning with pain. All they will see is some stupid fucked up girl who’s “happy”. If only they could see inside and know how I feel maybe they would say something, but probably not because those who do know don’t care. Sometimes I think that if I had just one person who cared maybe things would be different. But for now I’ve got to suck up all my problems because no one gives a damn, and I get to spend another 16 hours awake living in a hell thinking of my death. How can hell be worse than life now? In hell your already dead, and that’s what i want. Anyways life is just another hell that only some of us get to honor to suffer in, while we watch everyone else who’s “normal” be happy in. They don’t understand, how could they, they aren’t spending there days wishing for a way out.

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