brees story.

  November 15th, 2011 by breesworld

My name is Bree , I’m 16 years old & i have 3 sisters & 4 brothers& iv’e been through things i would have never imagined . On January 11 , 2008 i lost my dad to suicide , i never experienced true pain  til i lost my dad . He was everything to me , i never left his side & i never thought he would leave mine . He was my hero the only one i know that would do anything just to keep a smile on my face , i miss him oh so much . After that the unthinkable happened on October 15 , 2011 i lost on of my big brothers to suicide also , both he & my dad had shot themselves . Every since then i lost hope on everything . I stopped sleeping & going to school , i have no motivation to go on anymore . Now all i can do is hope that one day something good will come into my life & help heal this hole i have inside .

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