Burden’s to bear

  November 12th, 2011 by Libby

I am stuck in a world in which I can not leave

All the pressure is there but I just can’t end it

I have my own burden to bear


I have no real friends, my parents: they don’t care

I have no one in this world. Everything makes me want to leave.

So what’s my burden? Why can’t I leave?


My life is perfect. Everythings good.

I have two paretns who get along

I have a roof over my head and three meals a day

My grades are good

I’m good at sports and other things in general


So what’s making me wanting to go?

well honestly I don’t know

I have all this fucking good stuff and I don’t enjoy any of it

Everythings perfect for me and I can’t be happy

Why can’t I be happy?

No matter what people give me I can’t be happy

It’s not fair.

I just can’t ……….

I can’t fucking be happy

I hate my perfect life, but I can’t even leave it

I’m stuck here, in this stupid world

I hate it here, I want to leave now.

I want it to end.

This burden is too much.

I can’t live this upset, and broken down and just pretend to be ok

I have to leave

My burden is killing me…..



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