Dear Summer..

  November 1st, 2011 by chadbuie

Dear summer we go together like light days and crisp tees, give me couple of years and I might just peep ya; a couple of years like a random vaca. Tell me summer how you make me feel so good? When we r reunited it feels so good. When you bring the sun up, it makes me wanna pick my gun up and go become a stunna. Fuck it, being a stunna ain’t the same as when I was a peer. I know it sounds weird. I don’t know what happened along the way, but I was never no stunna; I was weird. You know like Randy Moss in the 98 draft, lame, feeling ashamed, but you loved me the same. I don’t wanna stray from what I came here to say, but I felt like a nigga came up out of the hood. I ain’t try to fuck my thang up, but I lent out a couple of green bucks to get cleaned up. I am done for now, so long for now, possibly forever, we had fun together, but like all good things we must come to an end; please show tha same love to my friends.

Dear Summer,
Chad Buie

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