November 2nd, 2011 by Black_Scorpio

All our life is made by desicions. Every day, every step we choose something and we change the direction.

Sometimes its hard. Why can’t come somebody and tell what to do? Like we were kids – go there, go there, go there.. Life is much harder when we are adults. One step can change all range of events.

Like i have to decide now – go to foreign country to make money or stay here, with friends and family, but live in dissatisfaction by material way. Why can’t somebody tell which way is better?  Just push the bottom and watch the future.. I guess that is the meaning of life.

All our decisions fate our succes in life. And we shouldn’t blame others.. Kids can, we – no. Sometimes even knowing that – feels like a stone on a head.

But probably it’s the funniest part of life. Decisions.

Probably before each step we should think twice. Like in some old old indians’ nation in old old America.. they were making decisions and wondering about all consequences to SEVEN generations! That’s what i call managers of life! Well, it didn’t help them to survive..

I think that sometimes, when we can’t find the way using brain, we just need to listen our hearts.


Good luck everybody :] !


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