Don’t You Dare

  November 5th, 2011 by Libby

Don’t You Dare think for a minute that people actually care

They will shrug you off the second you ask for help

Don’t You Dare  trust people as they beg you for your trust

They will give away all your secrets in the blink of an eye

Don’t  You Dare believe any of the “sorrys” people give you

They don’t really mean it

Don’t You Dare be naive in the world

          Its a cruel horrible place

Don’t You Dare try to fit in with everyone else

When they find your flaw they will turn on you

Don’t You Dare go along with the shit people put you through

You don’t need it

Don’t You Dare pretend to be happy when your not

You just relize your pain more

Don’t You Dare imagine a better place

It will never come

Don’t You Dare dream of happiness

You are far from it

Don’t You Dare beg God for death

He wont grant your pleeds

Don’t You Dare act like things are ok

We all know there not

Don’t You Dare take anything

you wont need it

Don’t You Dare ask for help

It wont ever come

Don’t You Dare live

Its not worth it

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