Drunk is all I got

  November 10th, 2011 by mwtele

I’m getting closer to the day I have choosen. I didn’t go to my son’s hockey practice because I’m trying to stop seeing people. I just wanna be alone. I gave my life to a girl for almost 20 years and she walked out. Now I gave her plenty of reasons too but at the same time there were issues right from the start. I never really had a wife. I had a roommate. She was more interested in sleeping than spending time with me. She was more interested in reading that spending time with me. And she was most Definitely more interested in Facebook than me….she even told me that. So here I am just waiting for the divorce to be finalized after almost 20 years of waiting for her to be a wife. I have nothing now. She took all my hope, my dreams, my desire, my passion, she took everything from me. I have been depressed, alone, for years but have never felt this bad ever.

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