Fuck You

  November 11th, 2011 by LegitApplePie

I tell you I don’t want to live anymore and what do you say? “I just can’t do it anymore.” Do what?! Put up with me?! If that’s the case then just give me a gun because  I am out of options. I’m unhappy everywhere I live so why should I even try? Why don’t I just end it all now? Of course, you don’t care. You couldn’t care less about me.

You say that you think I like being unhappy. ..What? Are you fucking joking. Yes, I LOVE being unhappy all the time. It tickles me fucking pink thinking about dying 24/7 and not feeling good enough to be on the Earth. Not even wanting to be on this Earth. Do you even hear yourself? You disgust me so much. Then you’re shocked when I say being put in a foster home doesn’t sound like a bad option. What did you expect me to say? “No I’d rather live here with people who think I’m intentionally making myself unhappy. Live with people who don’t give a damn about what I’m feeling.” No. I want to make this work, but you’re making it hard. I’ve told people about what you’ve said, and they think it’s ridiculous that you would say such things. So how come you think it’s okay? Because you’re dumb as fuck. You and your husband think you’re so much better than everybody and no one can mess up your “perfect” life. “The kids are affected by you.” Oh, I’m sorry, and I supposed to hide my depression? If I could, we wouldn’t be discussing it. How fucking selfish of you to tell me not to be sad! Am I not supposed to show feelings here? My Grandma died, the woman who raised me all of my life, and your telling me not to be sad? How about your fucking mother die and then have someone tell you not to be sad. See how that works out. You make me so sick living with you. The truth is, you took me in because you wanted to be the fucking hero, and when you found out it’s hard taking care of me, you blame it on me. That’s right, blame everything on the suicidal 16 year old. Way to be an adult. Do the world a favor and shove a gun to your head. I’ll pull the trigger.

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