Here, at the end of all things.

  November 3rd, 2011 by LiveNoLonger

Just as I presumed, things can get only worse. And today, they got much much worse. I am currently failing two of my classes, my parents are screaming at me to go to school even though I dont feel well. My sister is pissed at me and threatened to kill me if I disturb her sleep. I wish she would so I wouldnt have to. Anyways, I have a big project that was due today and if I dont turn it in, ill fail the class and might get kicked out of school. I’m killing myself. Theres no question about it. While my parents and sister were yelling at me, I just thought to.lvmyself, If I was dead, this wouldnt happen to them. Nobody would care if I died. Except mabye one person. But for everyone else, it will make their live better as I am just another problem that they have to deal with. I cant live anymore, goodbye everyone. I’m not killing myself now, but I will very, VERY soon


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