I guess this is it for me.

  November 16th, 2011 by Auna

After all the fighting the judge believed the lie’s  my ex’s mother put  before him .He didn’t even request proof. Before I’ll sign my my rights over I’ll be dead. I will not have my only surviving child from my first marriage think I don’t want him. I’ve received threats , calls e-mail letters under the door since 2006. ‘If I try for one I’ll lose all three.” If I don’t walk away anything could happen to one of the kids. Accidents happen all the time.” And I can’t even prove it was them either of them, ex husband or ex mother-in-law. They have money and I don’t.  I have another son from my current husband,wonderful man by the way. I broke down and told him what I had planned he just got up and said WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS. I was trying to tell him i wasn’t going to give up.  So I’m back on track with my plan just another day. I just don’t know how to tell my 10 my year old good bye. I can’t put him through any more of him watching me have  flash backs.  I’ve been on a hunt for a surrogant  mom for him in the family. Our family cares about them. It’s time for me to go.  All three kids will be safe if Im dead. That’s all a mom can do isn’t it ? Keep her babies safe. Two more days and my kids will no longer have to be afraid.

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