I overcame….

  November 5th, 2011 by Capreece

     How are you suppose to feel when your  “friends”  turn their backs on you? When you don’t understand why people are talking behind your back and threatening you to your face…

    It all started the end of my 5th grade year. My “best friends” started picking on me and taunting me and saying they were gonna cut off my hair and push me down the stairs. I didn’t understand it. I thought maybe I had did something wrong. I would get kicked in the face on the bus and jumped in the kiddie closets. I was scared to tell because i really thought they were still my friends.

    Once summer break came I was beyond releaved to know that I would NEVER have to deal with something like that again; or so I thought. I entered middle school thinking i was the S**t. I thought everyone was going to like me and I was going to be “popular”. It didn’t happen till the second quarter when girls started to pick on me. I was being called fat, ugly, dumb *****. They said that they hope I die and that just drove me to my breaking point. I thought “What did i ever do to you to make you wanna say that?” Yeah i wasn’t the nicest person but i wasn’t a jerk either. They started slapping me and punching me and talking about me to the whole class. So oneday in class i just snapped. I took a sharp pencil and told my bestfriend that i just wanted to die right here and now and end the humiliation. If it wasn’t for my friends i really do think i would have taken my life. I prayed to God that he just make me stronger and show me that i didn’t have to listen to them and that i wasn’t all those things they said i was.

       As I thought about my future i realized something. I didn’t see not one of those girls in it. I figured out that this was gonna eventually pass me by and i would be able to move on. I knew if I killed myself  then that would mean they win, and i would lose something that i would never get back…. My Life.

     If your reading this and you think “Well i’m not that strong and it will never stop.” Then your wrong. Those people have a problem and just can’t help but to make you feel bad. When they start to verbally insult just smile and think “Somebody loves me. God loves me. And i’m perfectly emperfect” You have to love yourself even if theres people giving you 10 million reasons not to. And if they’re physically harrasing you press charges and let them get what they deserve. =)

   My name is Codii Capreece. I’m 15 and my story is true. I no longer get bullied because girls finally realized i won’t let that stop me from reaching my dreams. If you wanna talk about ANYTHING you can message me on facebook ( www.facebook.com/CodiiCapreece ) or follow me on ( www.twitter.com/itsCapreece_ ) And remember God loves you. I love you =) Keep your head up and ignore the hate.!! Your life will get better if you just keep stron and talk to somebody, anybody you trust =)  God Bless you

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