Its Not Fair

  November 3rd, 2011 by Libby

Life isn’t fair, I’m sure we have all figured that out. What I think is the most unfair part, my whole life. It’s not fair how I have so many great things in my life and all I want is to die. I just broke the record for goals in a season in Field Hockey, I have a house, food, and clothing, an entire family, and I’m healthy. (physically healthy I mean, like I don’t have any diseases) I just wish that I could give my life to someone who wants to live and can’t, like some one with cancer. That would be fair. If all the suicidal people in the world had cancer than they would all die happy and everything would be ok. But lets face it that wont ever happen. I just wish there was a way to give all the good things I have in my life to some one who cares, some one who enjoys living. Then they would be happy, and i would be just a little bit less. And in the end everyone would win, everyone would get what they want. I would be nothing and some one would be something.

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