my storyy

  November 4th, 2011 by hailey_baby

i just relized i never put up my story and thought it might be interresting to yall. Well when i was little i grew up my my just mom and staying with my grandma a lot. My real dad told my mom he hoped i can out with aids and left. when i was about two my mom found a great man that i call my daddy. Hes always been there for me even after they had my little sister and broke up. and he got married he still came and got us every other weekend untill now since the new woman dont like me he said he never wanted to see me again.  Shortly after the one person in my life that has been there for me my grandma is really sick and i probley want have her for much longer. At 14 i met what i thought was the guy of my dreams but it turned out he beat me. later My oldest sister Nikki had a baby named hailey but she felt she couldnt take care of it so i did it for her. That little girl is my world. I really dont look at her  as my niece i look at her more as my daughter. today shes a bright and amazing girl. shes the only reason im still here today. if not exactly one year ago today i would be dead. but instead im living just for her. its not exactly the worse but it hasnt been easy i oftenover stressed becasuce i have a three year old homewok chores and everyday high school drama to live with im not happy with all the decisins i made but  im gettin threw therenow with hailey my new amazingly helpful boyfriend josh and myself.

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