Once an Honors Student

  November 5th, 2011 by cser17

I was an honors student in high school, and I graduated in the top 2% of my class in June, 2010. I always hated school, but I thought college would be much better. I was accepted to several prestigious colleges, with large scholarships. I had been feeling depressed, but not suicidal. When I got to college, I had a really good time for a few weeks. I finally got to connect with other gay people. Then I had a string of panic attacks, and began planning to kill myself. Luckily, someone notified a therapist on campus, and I returned home on her suggestion. I started therapy, and I began taking antidepressants. I enrolled at a college near my hometown. I attempted suicide a few months later. My parents found me in the car, in the garage, with the motor running. I spent two weeks in the hospital. I am doing better now: I have a great therapist and my medications are working well. It still isn’t easy. It took me three months and over three hundred applications to get a job that I despise. I am quite lonely. I don’t know what happens now.

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