November 16th, 2011 by knuckle-pierce

when you wake entered this life, beat for fun and left to fate.

life lives allover this life, belief is that 1 made every thing fucket.

so dream of it broad that you will live all never ending viccums to last etenally.

bllooddd. is our paste they take it to inject into others the beautiful life that shown how viiii-?

ccctuumnz last to never escape funkled libre. hahahahahahhahhaahhahahaahah why granpa why. cuz were all vics. right? if no then what are you? not vickum grand pa, im going to the good life. no sir no such in that way. only good is,…good lilllelll vinky.haha hehehe hohoho hihihi lalatututu. one day the iner blood escapes the mouth. leaky. ohh in the head. lalalala look into the lala never gonna get out lalalalalala. victum? why perfect as one life made all the vickys in kife. yay right. no its not true. why, just because you dont wanna be a vick or because its true? i believe what my schizo mind taught me. that one life made everything and fudkled itall forgwver. good right? no stop asking me that shoot. why cuz you dont like my belifes? ok ill quit saying we all got funshed by one life. bye

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