Ready to Go

  November 19th, 2011 by outsider

I have been a good, honest, hardworking and creative person all my life, but luck and the support of other people usually were not with me. No matter how hard i try i never fitted in and people did not like me although i never did anything wrong directly (or indirectly, as far as i know). And now i am in the most desperate situation you could imagine, crying frequently, not taking any pleasure from life, keeping a very serious and sad face all the time, distancing myself from people (thanks to their attitude!) etc.

Have been searching the best method for a long time. Unfortunately the most efficient and painless ones are not available to me, therefore i have decided to finish the deal by jumping off my balcony. I am living at the 9th floor and i will try to fall on my back. Please wish me good luck and a painless and/or peaceful death. I am deserving this. Thanks!

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