Save A Life

  November 6th, 2011 by SuicideKillMe

Is it so wrong that now I just wanna save a life? Instead of moaning and complain on how I wanna die I rather help someone instead. I wanna help a dying person even if it means I’m losing mines. Really? I wanna do right than do wrong. Be remember of the girl who saved a person’s life instead of killing herself. The last deed she done before leaving this horrible horrible world. Say my final goodbyes before I have one of my organs taken away from me. I don’t need it. I really don’t want to give my body to science nor be an organ donor. Why commit suicide and waste these organs when I can give it to someone that needs it. Now that I mention it it is more like organ donating. Mmmmhm oh well :L.

She said as she writes this in her suicide note.

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