Some rubbish poetry to honor the date

  November 11th, 2011 by Purmi

I don’t have a spark

I don’t have a light to shine for

I’ve run out of things to rhyme with suicide

Maybe formaldehyde?

Now, i don’t know

What’s worth living for?

All these words in my head

Keep on telling me I’m a dead

beat nut case


I don’t have the will, i don’t have the strenght

To play this crazy charade anymore

Some day i’ll be dead, but will it be on my own head?

I simply don’t know anymore


I can’t let them know, and when i die it won’t show

Because if they know it will all be my fault

Although, I’m hurting people i don’t even know

And those that i know, i don’t know if i know

So what’s the point?


It’s all a crazy lunatic world

We’re all in an asylum, cuz if you’re sane

Well, you’re not here anymore

And if you are, maybe it was all just for show

Can’t fool the doctor, if he’s a god or a mocktor

It doesn’t show

If you’re happy you’re sure to be down

And no matter what, we all die in the end


Who wants a happy ever after?

When the prince is chardboard and you’re made of plaster

I know we’re flesh and blood, but think about it

If religion is right, we’re all from a mold

And if that’s true, why can’t i find the prince that i’m after?

What kind of sick god invents mental disease anyway.


No need to comment. And yes, it really stinks, doesn’t it? No proper structure at all. Only reason i wrote it was bc i got a bit antsy over some unreasonably embarrassing memories while singing in the kitchen. The eye i painted on my door is a lot better than this. Oh, and no need trying to figure it out, it’s all a muddle to me too. My poems have a tendency to run away from me. Also, having tics all over. Driving me crazy.

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