something dark n witty here

  November 18th, 2011 by Butterz

Well… From the outside I have it all together. Good job nice home family n all. But I’m miserable. I don’t have a long list of deep. Traumatic events. I just generally have a disgust for life. I’ve made attempts. Tried a gun chickened out. Strangle by tying a rope tight around my neck. Was discovered. Od on painkillers. Slit my wrist. Went to a psych ward for that. The doc asked if I was serious about suicide. I said if I was serious I wouldn’t slit my wrist I’d cut my hands off. I was released and refered to a counseling service that was no longer open. Now I’ve had a few people along the way that have not been beneficial to me. I’m finding I start to feel homocidal as well. Like if these people make me disgusted with existence then they probably affect others as well. So if I die there still out driving others to suicide. So yeah that’s kinda where I’m at. So hello to eveyone.

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