Soul – Reloaded :] !!!

  November 3rd, 2011 by Black_Scorpio

It fucked my brain too much.. sitting at home and at home.. The best way to get depression is stay at home.

So i took a friend and we went out to the night city. It was amazing. Finally i felt myself AGAIN ! I met new people from 6 different countries, made a little party, got beer, pizza, nicotine and didnt care about anything – just laughed.. laughed like some time ago :] From all my heart! I  call such out goings “soul reloading parties”..

So i talked with foreigners and they opened my eyes.. I mean, in my little crazy country we are pushed to hurry to live. I mean school –> university –> job –> wedding –> kids –> pensioner –> death. And oiur society don’t accept other scenario. Well, i am 23, i got job, i got Master, i got school,  so now all i have to do is to work as a horse for a family – flat, husband, kids..

So i was panic all this months after university. But foreigners laughed a lot. They didnt understand why i am running so fast to get everything. They just reminded me that i came here to joy my life. :]

That night helped me to find a right direction on my crossroad..

It would be lovely to go to some other country to work as a volunteer for a year.. Getting a real expierence and then life will show me the right way. I will have all my life to work as a horse.. Now it would be fantastic to share my skills with others, to know new country, people, language and culture.

So next week i will go to European Council to ask about any possibility to go out. Please, wish me good luck !!!!! :]]]]]

If they will not find me anything – well, i will be a horse..



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