Suicide, Suicide.

  November 1st, 2011 by WristSlitz

I haven’t been on here in forever! I missed all of you guys! Literally haven’t since about August? Yeah, August. Well hello!

Life actually sucks for me. I feel like dying still. I’ve been happy and safe on and off but now I know I need to kill myself. Because of my last overdose, I don’t want to do that anymore because of how painful and uncomfortable it was for me. I need a new method. Knives don’t work. I’ve tried cutting and have before but they don’t like making me bleed a lot. I guess I need to just learn.

I’m so lonely. All the kids at school hate me and it seems like I can never get a break. Whenever I walk into school I think, “I wonder what they’ll do/say today.” or when it’s happening I think, “Why me.” And that’s the worst feeling a person can get you know? I am dropping out of school soon though. Yeah it’s the 7th grade but why should I give a shit? Huh?

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