The Same Thing

  November 17th, 2011 by SuicideKillMe

What am i doing wrong? Is it the words i say? The prescene of me being here? What! What! What is going on? This been an horrible week. Had an arugement with one of my friends. Then today i had to more and now i dont know whats gonna happen to me and my bf. And my friend whom i had the horrible arugement left. He left me just like my best friend did. Now we are just two complete strangers. I know now of them. I never seen them in my life. I never commuicate with them. I have no memories of them. What is going on. Its like the end of July all over again. I dont know what im gonna do i really dont. I just wish i had a tea cup pig that i can cuddle up and snort telling me that everything will be okay. I guess its really my fault. ITS ALWAYS MY FAULT!

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