Why is suicide wrong – it should be a legit choice.

November 19th, 2011by slturner71

I don’t understand why people always get so upset about this subject or why there is such a social stigma about suicide. If I can choose to take the life of my unborn child, legally, why can’t I choose to take my own life? I honestly don’t understand why that is wrong. The most ardent pro-choice people I know are totally against suicide. People don’t like suicide because of how it will affect them, personally. They are not thinking about the pain the person who wants to die is going through; they are thinking of their own pain of losing someone.

When I say, “suicide is a choice”, I am talking about with legal, consenting adults, preferable over 25 (**see the last paragraph for more on that). I will use myself as an example.

I am 40 and have been through some major things in my life, like most people. My life is/has been better than some peoples and worse than others. I am very honest about who I am and where I have been, with myself and others. I really don’t understand why suicide is wrong. In fact, I think it would be a good thing for those around me. I have a 17 year old daughter…her college education would be paid for with me dead. I have a new husband of just over a year. If I die now, it will be easier than if I die in 10 years, because he will not be tied to me as much, financially or emotionally. He has two young sons. I am relatively new in their lives; if I die now, then they won’t be as attached to me and the impact will be much less (especially since they are young). In addition, my failings as a person will not continue to mess them up mentally.  I know it would be painful and hard for those around me, but harder then watching me suffer and dealing with my depression?

The reality is that I battle depression and sometimes it is overwhelming. I have battled it since I was 15. Sometimes I can “win” and work through it, other times, I cannot and either quit participating in life (greatly affecting those around me) or attempt suicide. Eventually, depression will win, of this, I have no doubts. So I would like to choose to end my life on my terms and when it is, what I consider, best for my family. I have tried medications and therapy, neither being effective. I do not drink or do drugs.

Here is another example, what of when someone has a life ending illness or disease. Why should they suffer, incur the costs of trying to extend their life and put their family through watching them die and suffer, if that is not what they want. This makes absolutely no sense. If they want to live, that is cool too, but if not, why not have physician assisted suicide. For that matter, isn’t chronic depression a life ending illness or disease. In my case I believe it is. Why can’t i have physician assisted suicide?

And why is it wrong to think suicide is an okay option. And I don’t personally believe in God or a higher power, so I don’t have that hang-up. I am not looking for permission, but just wanted to give my two cents.

**Let’s be clear, I am not talking about a teen or young adult killing themselves – that is different because they do not necessarily have the mental and emotional maturity to make that choice and there is scientific evidence that the brain does not fully mature until age 25. There are reasons they are not allowed to vote, drink or drive, etc. I personally think it is dumb to get married of have children before 25. Think back about how much you changed between ages 15 through 20 and 20 through 25. Leaps and bounds, life experiences happened quickly, shaping you, changing you. Most likely, you went from someone who didn’t drive, have sexual relationships, didn’t drink alcohol or take drugs, to someone who may have done one or all of those things on a regular basis. My point, a lot of life happens at that age and you change because of the experiences. Suicide would not be an informed choice prior to age 25 because we are still being VASTLY shaped by life. I know this is a generalization and that some people do all these things before 15 and some don’t do them until after 25. I am speaking in generalities. I understand that life changes and we change after 25, but definitely not at the rate we do between 15 and 25.

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