why me

  November 21st, 2011 by olivia

ok so im what i think pretty and nice but why do i always feel like poop. i live with my mom and her boyfriend.  hes an ass hole i get yelled and cursed at non stop. how im stupid and a ***** and a stuck up brat.i would go live with my dad but he doesn’t  want me. he left to go live with his girlfriend.i use to think i had a easy life then i learned the truth. my one brother is gay thats hard because ppl make fun of him.my other brother is a drug addict and a hobo. my last brother is ”different” hes has asburggers . my sister is a brat. but i cant take going to school and acting fine but then coming home and having to deal with this. what do i do i cant take it any more. i have what i think are friends but i never really talk to them with being called stupid.some times it would just be easyer  not to be here any more. but i no i cant take my life i couldnt do that to my family. plus im just to scared what do i do please help……………………………………………..olivia

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