A random thought (inspired by SuicideKillMe’s post, “You Saw”).

  December 6th, 2011 by LiveNoLonger

This is just a random thing I thought of while walking past her in school today. This is inspired by SuicideKillMe’s post, “You Saw.” It is an amazing post & I highly recommend that you read it.

You walk by you and you look at me, not even caring about the strong friendship we once had and not even trying to bring it back. You notice that I have no friends, yet you don’t try to reach out to me to become my friend. You look at me, right in the eyes but you say nothing. You know I was right when I said that you wouldn’t care if I was gone. You hate me but you deny it. Its obvious that you hate me. But it doesn’t matter, everyone does. When people say that they hate me, I just reply Join the club, I’m the starter of it. I could slowly & violently kill myself before you and you would not attempt to stop me. I’m just a problem to everyone. Thats all I am, just another problem in their lives. When I kill myself (soon, hopefully), I will be helping people by getting rid of another one of their problems.


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