December 8th, 2011 by SuicideKillMe

I feel like i bother people. I feel like i make them worry to much. I feel clingy for some reason. That every time i talk to people i always think that why is she talking to me or why wont she leave me alone or that why is she bothering me. Its always the reason why i keep silent at times. I always know i bother him. I really don’t know why. I know he must be ignoring me since i havent talk to him since last week. It saddens me that i can’t be that special confident girl. It seems like i can’t be with him every now in then. I bet he already found someone better. It seems now i know he is too good for me. That all that happiness wouldn’t even last long. I guess i can never have someone or something. I will be stuck alone. Alone with my thoughts, my drawings, and my poetry. I’m really am a bother v. v

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