December 13th, 2011 by itsmytimetogo

so something weird happened to me the other day. i was standing in my friends bathroom and i hit my back against the wall and slid down because i fainted. i’ve only fainted one other time in my life, but i dont really remember. my friend also saw me do that. so me and her decided to look up people fainting on youtube. and what we found was the fainting game. and what you do it pretty much make yourself faint by taking away oxygen from your brain by blowing on your thumb. and so i decided to try it. and well, it was interesting. honestly it was like a few second high. but it is sooo intense. its very hard to explain a feeling like that. its euphoric even. i tried fainting like 4 times. first time it was just kinda weird, second time i almost fell forward and i didnt even relize it, then the third time it actually worked, and i fainted for a few seconds, then i did it the fourth time with similar results. well i just thought id share my experiance on here. but ive heard this is dangerous so i do not recomend trying this.

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