From Your Future ….

December 31st, 2011by adastra

As I am now “literally” in the & from the future, I wish everyone here, young & old(er) a somewhat happy New Year, and I genuinely hope/want/desire that you all have a “better” (not perfect, it doesnt exist) year ahead.

Will there be so so days or problems? Off course there will be not so good days & problems. Thats normal. That is life.

Staying positive is really like eating. If you don’t do it regularly enough, your entire health suffers.

Can I make a suggestion to everyone, whether you are sick or not? Use google for good ~ Go Google “inspirational quotes” (or people who have overcome …adversity/illness, etc) and copy those that you really like and believe onto one page and save it as a deskptop icon so you can look/read it daily. Alternatively, do the same for images and save those pics in a folder you really like or save it as a wallpaper/screensaver.

Remember …. The Elevator to an easy life is ‘out of order’ ….. you will have to take the stairs …one step at a time …. some of you will walk up the steps, some of you will jog and some of you will run up them. The choice is yours….. It always has been, always will be.

Stay well ….

Signing off from the Future
Ad Astra Per Aspera

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