i am who i dont want to be.

  December 10th, 2011 by itsmytimetogo

so much has been happening to me. its like a roller coaster ride. but more dangerous. i keep crying and i cant stop. even if i want to. the tears just keep spilling. life is so unfair. why do we have to live by the rules? and not just how we’d like to? our government is corrupt. going to a dr visit cost hundreds of dollars while nothing is done. school cant teach anymore. not enough funding. people lying, stealing, cheating. when did it become like this?? or has it always been this way? maybe it has. and people are either opening their eyes now and seeing what is actually going on in out world, or they cant keep hiding it any longer. sometimes i wish i was born at a different time, a better time. i wish i was someone else. im an invert and unsocial. but i cant help it. im glad there is people who i can call my friends. but they dont completely understand. i wonder who else is like that. its difficult being a human. other creatures have it so easily. i wish i was a butterfly. so i can fly far far away, and never look back. or think i made a wrong decision about the past, and have so much regret.


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