i want it gone!

  December 8th, 2011 by LunaSorrow

im just a few weeks from my 17th birthday….and im honsetly not sure if i’ll make it to see it. i’ve cut myself since i was 11, and i feel that i’ve NEVER been understood. when i wake up in the morning, i feel like God is punishing me even more, and he does’t even hear my prayers. im sick of life, and im sick of playing happy. i want to die! i want to be successful in my attempts! i’ve failed at overdosing, hanging and drowning….but i refuse to taint cutting, by slitting my wrists….cutting has been my only faithful compainion. im plotting killing myself now, and it sucks that i have to plan it around all the upcoming holidays! my bday is christmas and i dont want my family to be reminded that i offed myself at this time of year….nice of me right? this is supposed to be about me finally getting peace, and im still thinking about them….hopefully it will all be over in march….im sick of living a lie. im sick of Gods “gift” called life!!

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