Just a thought …..

December 31st, 2011by adastra

We all inherit (to some degree) thoughts from others, be they from childhood, teenage years, or from things we have read or seen be it on the web, books or in real-life. Some peoples thoughts are good, some well intentioned, some so so, and some not so good at all (for themselves or others).

Just remember we make choices everyday with which thoughts ‘we let’ into our mind; be they our own or others (eg inherited thoughts). Make a conscious choice to let & keep good things in our mind, and trash or critique not so good thoughts, be they ours or others.

In summary, Don’t let poor thinking (whether your own or others) define you ….. you’re better then that.

Take Care in 2012.
Ad Astra Per Aspera (to the stars through difficulty)

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