December 31st, 2011by starterjacket003

Lies mess things up. I’ve told lie upon lie to try to get through each day, week, month, year. They all come back to bite me eventually. I have a few more out there – bills about to come due. God, please make the landing gentle or erase the debt.

My mother lied to me about using my credit card without permission, even with the evidence in her face. My father tells lies – that my stepmother doesn’t hate me, that things will turn out okay. (Things might turn out okay, but he sure doubts it. I can tell.)

If I go on living, I’ll tell lies. I cannot tell people the complete truth about what a loser I’ve always been. I know telling lies are dangerous, but I feel like I have no choice. We’re all liars. At least I’ve learned that much – that most people are full of shit.

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