Whats the use,

  December 5th, 2011 by caucajun32

three nights ago I consumed suppossedly 4 days worth of heroin (of course on purpose). I ate 5 Somas, 6 Xanax and had eaten probably 8 lortab 10s during the day. I wrote out my last letter,


GTFW, I freakin woke up. …………….. I mean what the fu ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, does a person have to do to leave this place.


I know tolerance has alot to do with createing an overdose, but come on WTF, I used herioin once back in the 1980’s, this time i snorted it, forced myself to swallow all the differerrnt pills, OK there is a little tolerance with the benzoes, yet the combination with the soma should have stopped my breathing.

I am so screwed because I wasn’t suppossed to wake up ? Fuck.

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