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A little about silent survivor…..

by silent survivor

I turned 14 on the 3rd
I have been sexually abused around 4-5 times
I recently found out in an empath and can see/feel spirits
I am bisexual
I have a girlfriend
I have forgiven my sexual abusers
I self diagnosed myself with a chronic social anxiety disorder
I have a needle phobia,its pretty bad
My favorite color is any shade of green except normal green 🙂
I am fairly happy
I survived chronic depression without medication or a therapist
I hate my mother
I love mismatched socks
I dress emo
My favorite band at the moment is Botdf
My girlfriend is cheating on me and I act like Idc…I really do 🙁
I’ve cheated in her to…we have a pattern
I hate when people cry in front of me I never know what to do
I can’t stand people fighting or screaming in from if me…i get scare 🙁
I haven’t cut for a whole year because I have her 🙂
I love my curly,puffy hair
I have a dog named soufle (soo-flay)
My hair is naturally dark brown but turns golden brown in the sun
I like helping people and meeting new friends 😀
I want to meet you guys we should talk,can we?you know stuff about me can I know stuff about you to?can we be friends?im a good listener,will you let me listen to your story?
My email is animecat9@aol.com
Can we be friends…please? 🙂

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crewde 1/6/2012 - 8:24 pm

Ah sorry to hear about what you’ve been through! You definitely seem to be doing great and staying strong =D

Heh, i do encourage anyone around your age to be =D. I feel you need someone around your own age for this!

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