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A moment of levity.

by deadright

As with most things lately a lot of shit is spoiling my plans for self deliverance but something happened a couple of hours ago that was more shit, but kind of funny.

I was in my basement cleaning an old M1 Garand Rifle that I need to sell to get some money, when I heard a loud banging on my door; no one calling just banging on the front and back door.  I figured it was either my landlord or some other bill collector so I did not answer the door and just hid…as usual.

After a few minutes, it stopped and I went upstairs to the second floor to see if I could see anyone outside without them seeing me. No one appeared there anymore. I came down stairs and I saw someone climbing in through my front window with dark clothes on. I did not have my glasses on so it was a little fuzzy but I knew that I had a 9mm pistol in a pocket of my TV recliner and If I moved quickly I could grab it and put a bullet in this guy.

Just as I got to my chair I was close enough to see him fairly clearly along with a 9mm Glock on his hip and the badge on his chest.  It was a COP. He asked me if I would open the front door since he did not want to break his ass climbing in the window with his partner giving him a boost.  At that time I also spotted the 3 cruisers across the road.

Evidently my old boss had not been able to contact me for a few weeks because I had shut off my phone and he was worried that maybe I was injured or something and just laying on the floor. 🙂

The main reason that I did not want to kill myself in the house is because no one ever visits and my body would rot before being found. I guess that the cop was the first visitor in my house for about 10 years. Now that is ironic. ;)   DR  Hahaha

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