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by chrissie

My ex is living with someone that has 2 kids by someone else..he is cheating on her with another girl that has 2 kids from someone else..I guy I used to see when I got my first divorce is living with a woman that has a kid by someone else yet he tells me that he wants me..yet he is cheating on her too with his ex wife that is living with someone else..tell me this life gets any better..PLEASE!


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queenofdarkness 1/22/2012 - 10:44 pm

Just keep going. Everything will turn out fine in the end. IT DOES GET BETTER, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT!

molly woppit 1/23/2012 - 1:14 pm

Wow that sounds complicated life does get better stay away from arsoles and i garentee it will improve..

Dawg 1/23/2012 - 1:40 pm

Cheaters cheat, beaters beat. once you divorced him – nothing he does should concern you – if you can detach from minding his business, you’ll fend your life immensely simplified in short order.

ignore dawg

Dawg 1/23/2012 - 1:41 pm

*Find … not “fend”

chrissie 1/24/2012 - 7:57 pm

Well, I did that in the first divorce, we got married again..he did it to me again..I divorced him first, he divorced me the second time..I don’t want him back cause he’s an ass..beats and cheats. He has never married anyone else..which puzzles me. He’s lived with many women, ive only lived with him. He has even tried to get me back..even though he’s living with another and cheating on her too. Okay..he told me he had 8 girlfriends after I had left from seeing pics of him f—– them on his phone…I mean I really don’t want him anymore..nor do I want anyone else but yea my life has been complicated all from the start of this man or should I even call him that. We dated all through hs and I forgave him so many times. I mean there really isn’t any point in marriage..when Ive tried and no matter if I’m married or single..I still get screwed. I mean I should just open my legs for any guy if that’s all I’m going to get treated like anyways..I can understand what people might see of me but I’m not a whore just because guys treat me like trash. I am being sarcastic by saying I should f everyone. I’m just sick of paying for a nice house…and I let it go to be with that man again. Its hard when you work so hard for something and then you have nothing to come back to..I relate with the tornado victims. I’m sure we are all in that sadness somewhere but how can you fix it if you have assholes like that in this world. I mean I paid off his house too. My home is never here..ill just remember to be a ***** for how ive been treated. Which I’m not..I’m a good person…I hate myself for cussing..that’s not me at all.

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