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just a nightmare..i guess!

by chrissie

I had a dream of shooting some bad guy wearing a black bandana, he was attacking a bunch of people including my family..it was very vivid..very real..lots of screaming. I didn’t stay up late or eat late..if I ever have a dream it usually happens or something real close happens..I’m a little scared, what could that dream mean?

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Trix 1/22/2012 - 12:31 am

If you’ve been thinking about suicide it could derive from that… the fear of it or the way it attacks? Especially if you’re worried about those around you. Sometimes just the way you feel comes out in dreams, in completely random ways. And if it’s something frightening it’s likely to be vivid because of that. I wouldn’t worry, it’s just a dream. Very, very unlikely for it to come true. 🙂

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