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Walking out on movies early.

by deadright

From an old fart.  Looking at all the extremely young people on this list makes me sad that so many want to end it all and commit suicide.

Looking back across my semi crappy life, a large portion of it has been very empty, interrupted on occasions by some good times. Looking back to when I was 15 and first considering suicide because I was so alone, I realize that by comparison to now, I had it pretty good back then. I am glad that I resisted the urge to end it all, because I did not know anything about life and its possibilities at that time. That was a good decision to stick around.

I remember the times when I was very young and also middle aged when loneliness was so severe that it became a physical pain. It made me feel like I was having a heart attack, my muscles hurt to the point where I could hardly move, I could not breath and my stomach was tied in knots. I would cry myself to sleep on occasion. Of course the doctors would pat me on the head, give me some sugar pills and send me on my way. A couple gave me some pills for anxiety that helped a little, but the root cause was still there; I was alone. Still, I decided against suicide at that time. There were some good times ahead mixed with the bad.

So what I am saying is, life is like a movie; if you leave in the first 15 minutes because you think it sucks, you will miss the parts where the story line got more exciting and you enjoyed the movie for a short time. The ending may also suck but at least you waited around to check out the end.

That is where I am right now. I have watched the whole movie and the credits are rolling and I am ready to leave the theater.

Unless you are terminally ill or trapped in some wreckage in a burning building, you probably will have at least a tolerable future. Young guys, hang in there a while longer, not necessarily forever, but do not walk out of the movie of life in the first 15 minutes.  If you do hang around for a few more years and it does not get better, I give you permission to come piss on my grave. 😉



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