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by I am me

I can’t sleep, my anxiety and depression are getting the best of me. My thoughts are becoming irrational. I know it’s not normal to have suicidal feelings but I’m having them anyway. It’s a challenge to drive into town because I so want to speed up and go over one of the cliffs. I’m so lost.

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evelien 2/22/2012 - 7:33 pm

hey, i know how you feel , you know i am always just waiting for someone to hold and tell me its going to be okay. not that i believe in that, but anyway. i also have the constant urge to let cars hit me when i am riding my bicycle 😛 its weird that i dont have ANY hope for myself while i always think others are gonna be okay eventually. i know that doesn’t help, i got the sleeping problem too. hope it’ll get better

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