February 20th, 2012 by Unique

I talk to people everyday who say things like i must be strong, i musnt cry and i must not be scared or worried. They try so hard to fight there feelings it leaves them exausted and in an even worse position.

If you feel like crying, then cry. When there are no more tears you can move forward.

If you feel like Screaming, then scream. When your throat is sore or your lungs give out, you can reflect.

Those feelings that we get, thats our body and mind trying to heal its self, dont resist it, just let yourself feel.

Feeling is healing…

I hope everyone is doing ok. Remember even if you are feeling depressed, Just remember this, it wont last forever, weather its in ten minutes or 3 hours, eventually you will see something to make you laugh or something will distract you.

So the next time you feel sad, feel sad for a while. And when your tired of wollowing in selfpity(takes some a while), do something productive. Something fun, Just something.

Nothing lasts forever. Not even depression. 🙂

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