I don’t no want to do?

  February 27th, 2012 by shockwave

Hi guys
ill try and make this short.i have being feeling like committing suicide for the last 2 years. i badly want too but i guess i’m scared of hurting my family, i don’t want to hurt them i’m not saying i’ve got great relationship with my family but i do obviously care deeply about them.. I’m very sad and i must suffer from depression,, i don’t cut myself or anything. I feel so sad everyday i get up is terrible everything is a constant struggle… I do feel for so many people that have posted on this site.. I have a good life compared to thousands of other people in the world.. when i think of taking pills, writing a suicide note and the worst part of my mum finding me dead sickens me..
All i would want to do is die but i don’t no if i would have the courage to go through with it.. If someone comments on this post please give me some advice on what to do..i have’nt anyone to talk to so thats why i guess i’m posting this here.
Thankyou for reading this.

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