What happened on the night of march 23rd?

March 31st, 2012by mark800101

i did not die, which I assume a few of you thought since I never ended up getting back on this site until now.  I was deceived and betrayed.

To make a long story short, I called jackie’s house, she told me she wanted to be best friends with me and that she truly cared about me.  My parents and jackie’s parents both told me that nothing bad was going to happen, that everything was going to get fixed, that me and jackie would get to be friends again.  They said the police would not be waiting for me, that I was not going to be …

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Why Am I Still Alive?

March 31st, 2012by xXxWrAtHxXx

I don’t have any purpose. I am not cared for, or serve any importance. I’m fucked up. I think I’m going to do it.

I’m going to finally finish what I started,

and kill myself.

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March 31st, 2012by z.m

I hate waking up to a new day.

I loath the way people smile in the mornings.

I can’t stand the sun shining, too much light.

I pass the day watching the clock, waiting for the daylight to end.

Darkness brings peace.

Darkness brings quiet.

In the dark, problems fade.

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Look at me

March 31st, 2012by candypuffs3000

Dress me from the bottom
Work you’re way up high
And look at me
Look me in the eyes

See my past
See my pain
See my actions
As I wane

I want to forget
Forget it all
As I tumble
as I fall

Now look at me
All around
How do I look?
Do I look down?

Of course I don’t!
I faked for you
I don’t lie
This is true

Look at the mirror
Just turn your head
See me now?
See me dead?

That’s not the future
That is now….Inside me
That’s what I am
That’s what you made me be

Whatever I do
Whatever I say
I do it all for you
That’s why I stay

If one day I’m someone new
Someone else, someone true
And you tell me again to change
What I …

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Let it f*cking end (L.I.F.E.)

March 31st, 2012by StayStrong

I wish i had the courage to die, i wish i werent such a wimp and would just do the deed.  I honestly can’t find a reason to live anymore. Any help i get is just a waste, any ‘hope’ story is just depressing. Everything is depressing. I just can’t take it. I can’t be honest with my therapist because she has proven how fast she’ll go and tell my dad. My dad is getting tired of taking me to therapy, i can tell he wants it to end but he doesnt get how bady i still need to go. my friends dont know the …

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Those long walks

March 31st, 2012by Heidi930

You know those long walks I go on at night?
Oh wait… no they don’t know about it because they won’t listen.
But do you know what I think about?
I think about how horrible a person I am.
If I am such a horrible and frustrating person, then I deserve to die and I deserve the pain from cutting.
I’m not suicidal, I just want to forget about everything.
I want to disappear
Erase myself from everyone’s memory
Maybe I could just be normal
For once in my life
But I am not in the least bit normal
I guess, I can always be a writer if I ever grow up and move …

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What if ?

March 31st, 2012by Heidi930

What if I told you I don’t belong here?
He asked, what do you mean, here at school or on this world?
I answered with on this world
He said he was scared
I was scaring him
He didn’t know what to say
He asked me if I was talking about suicide
I told him no
He asked me if I was telling him the truth
I lied and said yes
I was thinking about suicide
There was a whole 40 minutes from the time that I left my friend and walked to his door
In that time, I had walked to the river and thought about jumping
I was contemplating
What if I had actually done it?
What if …

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i cant stand you, i need you

March 31st, 2012by noexception

she was like a mom to me, a figure i never had before,i loved her when she was gone, and i hated her when she was around, she was either in an over protective mood were she drove me crazy, or in a cool person mood, were you could tell her anything and not be scared,i was never use to someone being so protective over me, i was always use to being kicked out of the house and left to sleep out side under a pine tree,where noone wondered or cared if i was even alive,but with her,if i came in the door a minute …

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March 31st, 2012by Heidi930

Some days, the fog seems to lift and I begin to see hope for my future
But I still hate the sunny days
It’s only the cloudy days for me
Just without the fog
My brains seems to step up the to the plate
And I can concentrate on something again
But some days, I still feel so dark and lonely
It’s sickening

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Adam (Actually this title can be replaced)

March 31st, 2012by fallenangel33

(Written with a shattered suicidal heart)

If I could go back in time
to when you asked me out
I’d look at you and say
of course, without a doubt

The kids at school can laugh
the kids at school can stare
but they just dont know
the love of ours is rare

I don’t know what to say
and I don’t know what to do
I don’t know how to tell
I want my 1st kiss with you

I wish that you would hold me
in your arms at night
wrapped around my heart
wrapped aroung my sides

I only wish that you could know
all the things I feel
I didn’t believe in love
but you showed me it was real

I’m sorry I …

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A girl I know (please don’t take but you can use)

March 31st, 2012by fallenangel33

There’s a girl I know
who is worthless,
she’s never good enough
she’s always getting rejected
she has NOTHING to live for
but EVERYTHING to die for
It’s why she cries herself to sleep
but what most people wouldn’t expect
that girl

is me


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I warned her!!!!!

March 31st, 2012by lordsaveme

The worst thing you can do is tell MY family about my thoughts and suicide plans!!!! Now you have left me no choice, so sad but so true. Simple minded people will never understand depression or bipolar. LEAVE ME ALONE, DONT BRING PEOPLE OVER TO SEE ME!!!! So Im off to the good old garage lol. God forgive me 🙁

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By myself.

March 31st, 2012by EleanorRigby

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this alone before.

I literally have no one. No one I want to talk to anyway, no one I trust.

A few years ago I was at the top of my classes, getting top marks in my advance English exams, but now, I’m a high school drop out who can’t get a job and no longer has any motivation to.

I’ve disappointed everyone, myself as well, I had so much planned, I was meant to be going to uni this year, like the rest of my friends. But now I just sit alone, in my room, in the middle of the night.

I …

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no one could ever have enough impact to change the thoughts, when i’m alone

March 31st, 2012by Knightofdoom

I really really reallly don’t know what to do anymore, I can’t handle my emotions. whhhhy do i have to be such a failure in life, no matter what i do or who i meet, it never changes anything i  feel. It honestly become a burden, to freinds and family. I feel bad being such a mope, but that only because i’m dying more each and every day. and this pain, that holds me down, just never goes away.

I talk to people, and they all seem to relate in some way, I was talking with one of my new friends and they telling me, how …

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Major Manic Depressive Problems

March 31st, 2012by Warped

Well…..I never thought I would ever think of suicide. As a child I always feared my little brother would suicide because he had anxiety problems and was bullied. He barfed every single day before school when he was in grade 1, but his therapist helped him and now he’s a popular 16 year old with an on again off again suicidal girlfriend (is that irony? I don’t know). But back to me because I am so selfish, I have loving parents and family as well as supportive loving friends. I have no right to depressed like this when there are so many other people in …

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I Feel so Alone

March 31st, 2012by feelingalone

I Feel so Alone
I dont want to kill myself
i guess i just want to leave this earth without dying
im 15 but to everyone it doesnt seem like i have a problem
i have a ton of friends and really no reason to be sad but i have no reason to be happy either
im smart handsome to some people and nice
my friends see me as the one to go to for advice but i never have advice for my own problems
i have a ton of friends but none of them are really close to where i can tell them my problems
i feel like …

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dreams that bring up the past

March 31st, 2012by idunno

my dreams have been so vivid ever since prozac and they taunt me by bringing me into the past where the bad memories are like one reoccuring one where my x friend i bump into [this ismy fear, idnt wanna see her for various reasons]..idk wat im trying to say, ??…but these dreams make feel like i should NOT let the past go, and they make me feel so guilty that ive alienated my childhood friend[i didnt want to imiss her so much , but i she was associated with terrible memories, how do ilet go ?

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rambling on about all things related to suicide

March 31st, 2012by lordsaveme

I was cleaning out mygarage today and I found my gneuss, I found my bottles of vodka, older antifreeze that is possible to digest, and I can still smell exhaust in there… I parked my gmc van in the garage closed the door of course and fired it up… This was the windiest night I could ever remember… I was drunk of course, and I fired up an extendo blunt of kush (2 blunts put together)… This van had a blown manifold intake gasket, so it had alot of thick white exhaust… I started to get lightheaded, and felt a CRAZY headache coming on, I …

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March 31st, 2012by loserr

…sucks. i hate it. EVERYONE has it and if u dont u dont have any way of comunicating with others. if u dont have facebook ur like an ”outcast”. i dont have it cause i havent got many friends nd b/c people judge u from what pics u have how many , what u do, what u like, etc .. i think it ruined societies way of keeping in touch,,so did blackberrys. phone calls dont exist anymore. its facebook or bbmessaging. what happened to the old ways ? i miss that

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worthless as it gets

March 31st, 2012by noexception

one of my worste pains was never having a permentent home, never having somewhere i could call home,being misunderstood and labled for it just makes you even more angry, angry enough to scream, then people looked at me like i was even more crazy,but they had no idea what was going on behind four walls, i had times i told and noone did anything, never really had a chance in life,always controlled by the fucked up justice system that stood there and let me get abused and neglected,i guess i didnt know how worthless i was till i was 7 years old and i was …

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