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I sit here and all I feel is pain
wanting to cut and make my wrists rain
make them rain with blood. I get no love
I sit in my room all alone, me and my pain
pain is all I feel, pain is all I know
Noone will ever know how I feel, or what Im going through
when you smile and laugh, but you know it’s just a show
Im the only one to blame for a meaningless life
so I sit in my room alone, just me and this knife
not wanting to take my life, just leaving a lifetime scar
a scar that will remind me of how far I’ve come
my time will never ever come, depression is the only one that will know me.

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Duke of Marmalade 3/4/2012 - 5:53 am

Surely the people who read your posts know, even if some don’t fully understand. Problems can only be dealt with when they are brought out in the open.

There was a girl on here who used to cut every day and despite what everyone on here said I told her to tell her parents and school councillor. She was not suicidal and never attempted. Despite great reluctance she eventually did and has never looked back since. She wished she had done it sooner.

I think you should speak to a specialist and grind it out. It’s like test match cricket. Sometimes the pitch is lively and the new ball can zip off the surface. You just have to play very cautious until conditions improve. Try and implement a plan.

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