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I just spent the entire morning rescuing ladybugs from the window

by imtemporary

This is sort of an unplanned Part 2 to my last post “caring is a flaw”

Today I was supposed to meet with banks and lawyers and other seemingly important people, but instead I spent the whole morning rescuing ladybugs that were trapped at the window. 14 or 15 of them… it’s a lot harder than you’d think.

The world will never give a damn about those 14 or 15 insects, but that’s exactly why I saved them. To spite this unjust, unfair, crappy world. I imagined myself as one of those bugs, stuck at a glass window slowly dying while nobody cared.

I don’t believe in any god or superhero that will save me the same way. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m dying at my window without any cosmic help. But just for laughs… just to prove that there is a god (even if it’s just a god of ladybugs) I thought I’d make a difference to 14 or 15 lives that will never never matter.


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always_al0ne 3/8/2012 - 12:00 pm

perhaps the secret to life is to not care..? the concept is new to me

tphg 3/8/2012 - 12:01 pm

to my book this goes; thank you kind sir. You’ve reminded me of myself when I was younger, always sticking up for the little guy in the same way. No one spares a thought on insects, or much outside their own bubble. Thanks for saving them because you made my day 🙂

maibri 3/8/2012 - 12:06 pm

Those bugs ‘mattered’ to u ! … 🙂 Thats what is important!

distant.road 3/8/2012 - 12:13 pm

I don’t think the secret is not to care… The world can often be a cruel place but nothing is gained by contributing to that mentality. We all make mistakes in life… and sometimes we are cruel ourselves. Compassion is a wonderful thing to possess in life… especially when the days are dark and you have to dig down rather deep to find it.

U.N. Owen 3/8/2012 - 12:23 pm

Caring is not a flaw, it is just and aspect.
And it can be useful or painful depending on how you apply it.
And there are those who do not care so it is just another choice of where you will go with yourself.

Caring can hurt but it allows you to connect.
Not caring eliminates that particular pain but also cuts one off.

Either choice a sacrifice will be made and neither is really worse than the other in universal terms.

I think you are the caring kind though so keep caring.

imtemporary 3/8/2012 - 12:33 pm

Hi always,tphg,maibri,distant,owen, thank you so much… I really appreciate all of you even though I’m losing my mind… I’m sorry, I’m so fucking sorry but I’m just losing it today

distant.road 3/8/2012 - 12:36 pm

Please don’t apologize, intemporary… Life is rough and we all have our difficult moments. What you did this morning was admirable and shows compassion… That gives some insight into your heart. Follow your heart… It will help you with this situation and to move forward.

U.N. Owen 3/8/2012 - 1:04 pm

No need to apologize.
Many of us have been in similar situations.
Sometimes that insanity has to come in to reset your mind.
Animals are better suited to the brutality of existence because their minds are not as hioghly evolved as ours.
they do suffer and feel pain but it is totally different for humans.

conrad 3/8/2012 - 9:19 pm

Wow ladybugs in the window eh? I hope you sealed it up to in order to prevent it from happening again. Bugs are such a pain. I have to turn off the lights in the house so they don’t fly in and when they do I have to get out the glass and paper to trap and transport. Then the spiders, why do you like my clothes? Why do you rot in my bathroom until you die? I can’t feed you forever when you can’t catch food anymore. Finding dying bugs are the worst because I can’t do anything. Watching them struggle until they die is really frustrating. But I think finding dead geckos are the worst of all because then I have to bury them. At least you can send birds to a bird sanctuary. I wonder if that baby Mallord duck is still alive. After looking for his family for several hours I sent him to a home and found out he had a broken leg. As the largest land animals with the largest population (and impact) it is our responsibly to help the other species that we cause trouble too. Thanks for helping.

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