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The Family are the selfish ones

by Marquis84

I have grown so weary of the tired old statement that those who commit suicide are selfish  for not thinking about the effect on their families. I always get a small laugh of disdain when I hear this idiocy. When in truth nine times out of ten the Family itself is usually at the very root of the persons suicide. The Family are in My opinion the selfish ones. They demand so much from you,lord over and dominate your life. They make you trade away the things you love for what THEY approve of. They only think of themselves and how you can best serve their intests. How many times has the phrase”Your a embarasment to the family” been uttered to someone who later down the line ended up meeting a death at their own hands? My own family is guilty of this one paticularly. Now bare in mind they have been crule and abusive since ohhhh I was a FETUS. Failing to curtail drinking and smoking habits during pregnancy and such.  Anyhow I digress. I am a 27 yr old Artist and Musician. You may be familiar with my work. im not giving a name though. Ill only say that Im Gothic and rather beautiful in apperance. Anyhow,My family has tried for years to crush my creativity and spirit . Now bear in mind I have never accepted nor asked for finacial assitance of any kind from these people. So  what right do they have? I owe them nothing. When I was homeless they let Me sleep in a car when they all own large homes with geusts rooms. What was my crime?Who have I ever harmed? 27 yrs old and ive no criminal record,never hurt another soul. Now the charming wholesome family that is so shamed by me? A bunch of common drunks,Pedophiles,Rapists,two Murderers,a Prostitute and a drunk who married a old ex Nazi. These are the people that are shamed by ME?! their driving me to a early grave,It is I that am shamed by THEM. I can never marry ,after all that old saying goes,You marry the family. Who the Hell wants to be a part of this family?  I certainly dont. I would rather be cold and buried in My grave then be a partof their sad lot.  I can never have a normal relationship,they drive everyone away. Theyve cost me employment,friendships,so many things. To me Dying would be a escape from these  monsters. My point? The Family is responsible for EVERY suicicde at some level.  Be it their crulety,their selfishness,or ignorance. I know not all familys are like this and that not all suicidal people come from abusive familys. Im just saying its a majority issue.


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one_day 3/9/2012 - 7:26 am

On some level I agree, but on another level I don’t think it’s constructive to your personal growth to lay the blame entirely with any one person or group of people. Understand that they are really just doing what they think is right, regardless of their misguided values. If their values don’t fit with yours, there’s no reason to keep reflecting on them – just move along. At the same time, maybe understanding where those fucked up principles come from might help you critically analyse your own path, and determine what mistakes they made that you DON’T want to make. Growth often comes from bad experience, but first you have to some extent, let go, and get some distance. Don’t let your judgement get clouded by bitterness.

always_al0ne 3/9/2012 - 9:23 pm

for me, my family is not the problem. i am the problem. i’m unwanted in the world. what is the point of my existence? i live a life that is akin to solitary confinement. it is not life it is torture.

Duke of Marmalade 3/9/2012 - 9:34 pm

@ marquis

If they are making you unhappy maybe you can move away.

@ Always Alone

Yes you are wanted in this world

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